APX-ERP solution for Retail and Distribution
As a major step in its thrust to provide expert solutions to the Retail and Distribution industry, ABSTech brought out APX-Specialized software for Retail and Distribution in the year 2000.

Many a solution provider have failed miserably in the attempt to provide an ideal Retail and Distribution software especially suited to the semi-organised Indian and developing markets and there never was a software solution even remotely close to handling the intricacies involved.

ABSTech can proudly say that through APX it had achieved it. APX with its variations serves as a specialized software solution to single Retail outlets as well as chain stores and single location as well as multi-point distribution operations. Above all the ability of APX to serve as a complete Distribution management solution to Corporates involved in handling a huge distribution network is the most enthralling aspect which is made possible by the III-Remote Connectivity Solution in-built in the Corporate Solution. Developed with tremendous insight and clinical analysis the amazing industry-specific features(for consumer durables, mobile equipment sellers, mobile service providers, life-style showrooms of various products like textiles, ready-made garments, leather, shoes, watches, hardware and the likes, chain restaurants.etc to name a few), are a delight which
the three thousand-odd APX customers across almost all Indian States would vouch for.
Factor behind the success of APX
Simplicity, adaptability and co-ordination sums-up as the factors behind the success of APX.

Complexity is the order of the day in today's business world. But we at ABSTech believe that a simple order will certainly exist in any seemingly complex scenario.APX was conceived with the understanding that if basics are clear, existing variations understood and there is a fogless anticipation of future variations, a suitable solution can be provided to any complex operation.Hence APX is simple to use from an implementer angle, simple to use from a user angle, simple to gain results from the management angle.

Speed and dynamism has become the necessity for survival. So technology and every industry is prone to fast change (only some faster than the
others) and dynamic modifications and developments. APX was designed with in-built base for adaptability to new technology and new systems.

Though Software is the brain in any solution implementation, we are well aware that software doesn’t operate in isolation. It has to co-ordinate with proper hardware, supporting software as well as other value adding external devices. APX both technically as a product and through the well devised implementation methodology always aims to provide maximum flexibility and adjustability in this regard.